12 Apr 2020 Game cancellation by players' consensus
It is now possible to cancel an in-progress game by players' consensus before it reaches maximum allowed period of inactivity (currently set to 2 weeks) and gets cancelled automatically.
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20 Aug 2019 New game - Rurik: Dawn of Kiev
Hello fellow board game enthusiasts! :) Today I'm really happy to announce a new game available for online play on the BoardGamePlay: Rurik: Dawn of Kiev!
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10 Apr 2019 Performance and other improvements
Some really nice browser performance optimizations have just been rolled out (this applies to all currently implemented games), so your browser should now consume significantly less resources and feel more responsive while you're in the game.
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24 Nov 2018 New game: Montana
Hello fellow board game enthusiasts! :) Today I'm happy to announce a new game available for online play on the BoardGamePlay: Montana (along with the Goldrush expansion and the Trade Post mini-expansion)!
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09 May 2018 New game: Urbino
After a couple of months of work and a closed beta testing period with the game designer (thanks, Dieter!), I'm pleased to announce a new game in the BoardGamePlay catalog of games available for online play: Urbino!
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08 May 2018 Undo/Confirm Turn feature is now available!
Today I'm pleased to announce the availability of a long-awaited feature on the BoardGamePlay: Undo/Confirm Turn!
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02 Dec 2017 Auto-cancellation of inactive games
I got a lot of feedback/requests regarding cancellation of inactive games. And this feature is now implemented!
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03 Nov 2017 BoardGamePlay is now in public BETA
The first and the only game currently available on BoardGamePlay is "The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire". But, of course, the plan is to make more games available in the future.
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24 Oct 2017 BoardGamePlay has launched
We're currently in private BETA (so yeah, if you see this - you're one of the very limited group of people who knows about it :)).

If you encounter an issue, please let me know and I'll do my best to resolve it as soon as possible.