11 May 2021 Confirm/Finish Turn/Action Indicators
Games will now remind you to submit/finish your turns/actions.
A few people have recently complained to me they sometimes overlook the "Confirm" button and don't realize they didn't submit/finish their turn up until some time passes (i.e. until they finally notice and hit the button)...

Good news: I've got a solution for you!

But first (just in case you're rather new here :)), let me briefly remind you that the Undo/Confirm feature was implemented b/c many of you requested it (and, well, b/c it's a really nice and convenient feature! :)).

Basically, it's a mechanism that allows you to preview the game state after you've completed your turn, but before you confirmed/submitted it. If you're not happy with the outcome, you can simply hit "Cancel" and try something else. Otherwise you hit "Confirm", your turn gets submitted to server and becomes visible to your opponents (obviously, you cannot take it back after that).

But let's get back to the good news :)

If you're one of those people who sometimes (or often) overlook that button, the new special blinking indicator should make it much easier for you to remember it's there (it activates if you don't hit the button within 5 seconds, so if you hit it sooner, you won't see any blinking).

This same technique applies to few other buttons too, like "Finish Turn", "Finish Action", "Done", etc.

While this is a great news for some, others might find it rather distracting.

Don't worry! I've got a solution for you as well!

If you feel like you don't need any blinking indicators to help you remember to confirm/finish your turns (either b/c you have never had any troubles noticing it in first place, or b/c you're not new here and know the site/games interface well at this point), you can easily disable it in your preferences.

Note: this is a per-browser setting, so you if you feel like you need to turn it on on one device/browser, but not on another one - you can turn it on/off on each of them individually.

I tried to make everyone happy. Hopefully it worked! :)