12 Apr 2020 Game cancellation by players' consensus
It is now possible to cancel an in-progress game by players' consensus before it reaches maximum allowed period of inactivity (currently set to 2 weeks) and gets cancelled automatically.
Some of you reached out to me and asked to implement a feature to allow cancelling active in-progress games, which might be helpful if you wish to cancel a learning game (or if you have a different reason for it) without the need to finish it.

The feature is now implemented. And here's how it works.

There's now a "..." icon in the top right corner of each in-progress game. Once clicked/tapped, it opens a dialog where you can request to cancel the game and see other players who also requested to cancel it. If game cancellation was requested by at least one player, "..." would indicate that upon page load (via highlight/blink) to make it easier to notice it.

Most IMPORTANTLY: game will get cancelled only if ALL players request the cancellation.

I hope this helps.