03 Nov 2017 BoardGamePlay is now in public BETA
The first and the only game currently available on BoardGamePlay is "The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire".

But, of course, the plan is to make more games available in the future.BIG Thank You to everyone who helped me to test the site during the private beta period (especially to Eric - your help was invaluable!) - I've added some tweaks based on your feedback, along with some other improvements.

If you encounter an issue, have an idea/suggestion or just want to join BoardGamePlay user group on Slack - feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to assist you.

  • If you encounter a bug, please use the "bug" icon/link on the bottom right of the site screen to report it
  • If you have any ideas specific to "The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire" game implementation, feel free to discuss them in the corresponding thread on the BGG