02 Dec 2017 Auto-cancellation of inactive games
I got a lot of feedback/requests regarding cancellation of inactive games. And this feature is now implemented!
It is now possible to specify game start deadline when game is being created - this is helpful when you need to start a game within given period of time (e.g. not later than in 30 minutes after you created it) and would also automatically cancel the game when specified deadline is reached and game hasn't started yet. When you join a game someone else created, you can see when it expires, so you know what to expect (i.e. game either starts before the start deadline or gets cancelled otherwise). This applies to SEATING games only.

Auto-cancellation for IN-PROGRESS games (i.e. those that have actually started in time) works in a different way: if game has been inactive for two weeks, it is marked for cancellation first (i.e. it doesn't get cancelled right away) and then gets cancelled after another day of inactivity. Obviously, if any turns were made since game has been marked for cancellation, game would go back to normal state.

I hope this helps. If you have any feedback, please let me know.