06 May 2019 The Cold War Expansion for The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire is now live on Kickstarter!
This is some great news for those of you who have been enjoying The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire on the BoardGamePlay. The Cold War Expansion adds new solo mode, 6 add-ons and promo cards!

I would suggest everyone who enjoys the base game to support the expansion campaign on Kickstarter.
Here's a link to the Cold War expansion Kickstarter campaign page: http://bit.ly/2H33BKu
The Cold War Expansion is divided into separate modules, designed so they can be used on their own or combined in any way. Players may pick and choose the modules they like best to customize their game, or even choose to eventually add all of the modules.

The Cold War Expansion also adds a thoroughly tested Solo Player automation deck which add a whole new dynamic way to play solo using decks to control an autonomous rival. With the Clash of Nations decks you can play solo or even automate an extra player in a two-player game.

Please back early: http://bit.ly/2H33BKu